In order to improve communication between Parents, Catechists and Coordinators, the following guidelines have been drafted. All parties are asked to share information which may improve the quality of Catechism classes.

Please ensure the Coordinator is notified, in writing, about any health concerns your child has, such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, ADD/ ADHD, allergies, etc. Include with this information, any steps that need to be taken should your child experience difficulties. This information will be shared with your child’s Catechists to enable them to understand and meet any issues that might arise.

Please let your child’s Catechist know about any skills that you are willing to share with the Catechism class. It may be crafts, praying, drama, phone committee, etc. The greater the contribution from parents, the stronger the Catechism Program will be.


Please contact the Coordinator if you have any issues concerning your child’s Catechism environment.

Please contact your Coordinator if you have an issue concerning a child in your class. Difficulties will be discussed and possible solutions explored.

Please provide your Coordinator with a copy of any notices for parents or outside materials you wish to use in the classroom, three (3) days before they are to be distributed or used.

The Coordinator will do their best to provide Catechism information to Catechists and Parents upon request.  If requests exceed the information available, assistance will be sought from the Pastor.

The Coordinator will keep all medical information confidential and share only with your child’s Catechists.

Any concerns brought to the Coordinator will be treated seriously and will be addressed promptly. All parties concerned will be contacted to ensure resolution to everyone’s satisfaction.



Catechism Open Communication – Jan-05