This is an invitation to share your gift of faith with others!

Catechetics: "Knowledge of the faith (fides quae) is required by adherence to the faith ( fides qua)... Catechesis must therefore, lead to “the gradual grasping of the whole truth about the divine plan.” GENERAL DIRECTORY FOR CATECHESIS, 85

The first task of Catechesis is promoting knowledge of the faith! It is a significant undertaking to assist parents in the Faith Formation of their children.  At St. Rose we are pleased to have a dedicated coordinator of catechetics responsible for planning, preparation and implementation of an excellent program of religious education. Our Coordinator relies on having a host of committed volunteers to make this education available. Volunteers are provided with training and continued development.

Members of the parish community are often are interested in volunteering to work as catechists, but feel somewhat intimidated, wondering whether they know enough to teach the Catholic faith to others. Many know more than they think they do, being “cradle Catholics” who learned about the teachings through experiences in parish life or Catholic schools.

If you are interested in consolidating and organizing your knowledge so that it will be conducive to teaching the faith, and in turn deepening your own faith, consider volunteering. Please note that that all volunteers work in teams of two and support each other in their teaching and guiding role.

 The commitment of your time:
•Classes: Classes are taught at G. P. Vanier School on Wednesdays 6:30 to 7:30p.m.
•Catechist Meetings and Retreats: throughout the year
•Special events: where you are needed to assist
•Mass: attendance on a weekly basis