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Holy Cross Church

Middle Musquodoboit


St Bernards Church


St Rose of Lima

Fall River


Purpose: to help Pastor in the day-to-day operation of the parish.

  • Appointed by Pastor

  • Meets bi-weekly

  • May establish committees to help enhance mission Parish (e.g., Care and Companionship Ministry, Communications)

  • Team Members

    • Shannon McDonald​

    • Phil Francis

    • Elaine Morrow


Purpose: to assist the pastor with financial matters in the Parish 

  • Appointed by the Pastor

  • Council Members: (from 3 churches)

  • Patrick McCarvill, Chairperson

  • Howard MacDonald (St. Bernard)

  • Maxine Thibault (Holy Cross) 

  • Paul Miller (St. Rose)



  • guide and layout path for life of the parish (What does this mean, exactly?)

  • help implement the priorities of Archdiocese as noted below.

Pastoral Council Members

  • Fr. Michael Walsh                    Pastor

  • Pat Clahane                              St. Rose

  • Neil Daigle                                St. Rose

  • Kathleen Hines                        St. Bernard           

  • Annette Lewis                          St. Bernard

  • Carol McAllister                       St. Rose

  • Elaine Morrow                         Leadership Team

  • John Tilley                                 Holy Cross     

Archdiocese Priorities

  • Evangelization

    • “What programs do we have in place? What should we work towards? Who are we trying to reach? “

  • Homelessness

    • “Are we close to the poor and the marginalized in our communities?  Is there an opportunity to coordinate with existing programs?”

  • Strengthen our Parish Identity

    • “What have we learned so far? What holds us together? How can we provide an opportunity to gather information from and listen to our three church communities?

  • Faith Formation

    • How are our liturgies being supported? "What opportunities are we providing for learning about our faith?"


Purpose: to attend to local Church matters

·        Catechetics (children and adult - our goal is to work with families)

·        Spirituality and Liturgy

·        Property Maintenance

·        Hospitality

·        Cemetery (for St. Bernard and Holy Cross)

·        Social Justice/Charity

·        Other committees may be structured as needed and required


St. Bernard Church Council

·                     Jordan Mahar                                  Chair 

·                     Richard Sherman                            Maintenance and Cemetery                      

·                     Nick Babineau                                 Social Justice and Charity

·                     Sarah White                                     CWL – Secretary

·                     Jacques Proulx                                 K of C- Hospitality

·                     Diana Stead                                      ??

·                     David Lewis                                      Liturgy and Spirituality 

·                     TBA                                                     Catechetics 



St. Rose Church Council                                 

·                     Anthony Chesal                               Property and Maintenance

·                     Francis White                                    K of C

·                     Ann Vessey                                        Liturgy and Spirituality

·                     Penny Francis                                    Hospitality

·                     Joanne Cormier                                CWL

·                     TBA :  

o   Catechetics

o   Social Justice and Charity   

o   Secretary

o   Chair

(Other Committees): Ways and Means  



Holy Cross Church Council

·                     Betty-Lou Tilley                                Spirituality and Liturgy 

·                     Hubert Collier-                                 Property Maintenance and Cemetery

·                     Sharon McLeod -                             Social Justice and Charity

·                     Lorna Doucette -                             Hospitality

·                     TBA –

o   Catechetics

o   Chair 

o   Secretary

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