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Music Leadership for Saturday 4:00 p.m. Mass


Lead congregation is singing hymns, psalms and responses


Leadership development for youth and their liturgical understanding

Time Commitment

3-4 weekends a month, September - June

Weekly practice to learn new music and responses (1.5 hours)

Weekly selection of music and correspondence with Music Slide Ministry

Monthly – may have music for special liturgical events outside of Sunday Mass

Monthly – Director only meets with other Music Minster to coordinate music schedule, report copy right and meet with Liturgy Committee

1-2 annually Youth Social events with members that promotes fellowships such as pizza party, rehearsal nights of BBQ

Talents/Skills Required

Musicians - must already know their instruments and be able to read music, follow instruction and have patience to accompany singers. Have respectful demeanor and enthusiasm. Adult musicians must also have some skill at leadership/directing.

Singers – ability to sing in parts/harmony. Reading music an asset. Willingness to learn, ability to take direction, respectful demeanor and enthusiasm. Potential for leadership growth in canting.

Director- Must have good rapport with youth. Must have understanding of Liturgy, Liturgical Music, Liturgical Calendar and appropriate repertoire.


Youth must be in at least Grade 5 to join.

Responsible Ministry Protocol

Required. See Archdiocesan website.

Last updated

April 2016

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