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To greet and welcome parishioners and other attendees as they arrive for Mass

Time Commitment

Average once a month


Coordinator to attend monthly Liturgy meetings and have some time to do schedule and prepare welcome announcement.

Talents/Skills Required

Greeters/Hospitality - Greet and welcome all those when arriving for Mass. Answer simple questions to those who may be new to Parish or visitors. Read opening welcome announcements (this is not a requirement but only those comfortable will be scheduled). Distribute bulletins after Mass. Must be friendly and inviting

Coordinator – schedules greeters for Saturdays/Sundays and Special Masses. Composes welcome announcements. Sends schedule to Parish Secretary and Webmaster as well as to all members. Attends Liturgy Committee Meetings. Participates in rotation with greeters.

Responsible Ministry Protocol

Responsible Ministry Protocol required if youth member participating;

See Archdiocesan website for Responsible Ministry Protocol.

Last updated

January 2017

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