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St. Andre Bessette Parish was formed in 2020 by the amalgamation of the parishes of Holy Cross, St. Bernard and St. Rose of Lima. The current pandemic unfolded shortly after our new parish was created which limited the communication plans to enrich and unite our new parish community.


The parish is now moving forward with a renewed focus on communications and has formed a Communications Ministry to develop and implement communication strategies. The first step is to identify and put into action the best avenues to help us communicate more clearly. This includes making sure we are using the tools we have in the most productive way possible to reach all parishioners, as well as to further our goals as a welcoming and vibrant parish.

It will take time to get the right mix of communications in place, but to be successful and reach our goals, we are in of need additional volunteers to join this ministry.  You do not have to be a professional communicator.  If YOU have experience or an interest in writing, research, web design and/or using social media, we would love to have you join the Communications Ministry.   If you are interested, please email:

Thank you. 

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